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Shark Puppy, SLM

A2 S20 Write Up

I do believe I owe y'all some show write ups do I not? I certainly do! I will start with the Ann Arbor Smithee show of waaaaaaaaay back in April. Do you remember that far back? Well I have pictures and they (the giant ants?) say that's worth a thousand words. I have lots of pictures too.

We moved the show up a week from the usual time this year in order to have a bit of a breather between A2 and Penguicon and also because the usual weekend fell on Easter. Plus, it's been many moons since the University's schedule allowed for the Smithees to fall on a weekend between classes and exams so really "the usual weekend" no longer exists. Good? Bad? Convenient in our case.

This also allowed the Sultan and his wife to attend the show. They haven't seen an A2 show since the turn of the century and they certainly have never experienced the monster which has become the A2 snacks tables. Gracing said tables this year were the usual snackity snack snacks...

Picture courtesy of the Artsy Earl who took the camera for a spin while I did important Smithee Ninja things which are so secret that I can not reveal them without then having to track you all down and kill you. I might also have forgotten exactly why the Earl had the camera but I'm sticking to the Secret Smithee Ninja things story.

The Smithee crew provided the usual bacon bars and Smithee Gorp but also Aztec brownies, which went over very well. The Smithee audience brought bacon donuts (!), a raft of leftover meeting danishes (which were still fresh and from a reputable bakery...in other words Smithee food you might actually want to eat), some shrimp chips and grass jelly drink. It's just as appetizing as it sounds.

We also collected the last set of A2 Smithee parents this year: lunargeography's mom and dad made it out from South Bend to see the show. We're still deciding if that is a good thing or a bad thing. It is, certainly, a thing.

Eventually we had a show. The show this year was a little longer than normal (a touch over 2 hours running time as the clip rolls...we like to aim for 2 hours and under) yet there were a couple categories which were pretty short. It hardly seems fair does it? I blame Ending, but I always blame Ending. It could be a 5 minute category and it would still feel like 45 minutes.

Scott H. helped with collecting ballots this year as well as his usual role as our resident sound guy. Here he is moving so fast that I can't get a good focus on him. I mean The Earl can't get a good focus because I was totally also collecting ballots. Secret Smithee Ninja Ballot collecting so secret it looks like I'm taking pictures. Hey, I'm good.

Of course we had giveaways.

Winner 1 poses in a respectful Vanna as she shows off her movie.

Winner 2 who we totally don't know despite him looking an awful lot like Count von Count. Streuth! Sorta.

Winner 3 takes home a Shark Puppy! This one we dubbed the Panda Puppy.

Not sure this was intended for us but I like to think so.

Who knew Mary Sue was a fan?

Intermission over, we went on with the second half of the show. Not sure how this stacked up against the shrimp chips but I also don't think anyone went up to lick the screen for comparison. Spaaaaaace Sea Monkeys!

It must be Crummiest Ending, there go the audience's souls.

Before long the show was over and we had our second batch of giveaways.

Buttons and enthusiasms, Winner 4 has them!

Winner 5 is a little more sedate about scoring a movie.

While Winner 6 looks a bit nervous. Maybe she is too close to the remaining Shark Puppy for her comfort.

Finally the last Shark Puppy goes home and the results are announced.

Show Stats
261 brains were touched
205 was our peak voting high (respectable turnout...third highest? Fourth? I should look it up)
182 was our voting low (this did set a record for highest low)

We had a lot of fun those several months ago and all on account of you guys showing up. Thank you!

In the fight between Goliath and Pants, Goliath wins.