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Animated Ninja Technique

Extra! Extra! Smith All About It!

Oh oh oh! I have been quite beside myself for weeks while we planned and negotiated the newest Smithee Awards news and finally all the details have come into place. Ergo, I'm free to let everyone know that the Smithee awards have been invited to present at Smith College's ConBust! The con runs from March 30th to April 1st and we will be presenting the MegaMeta3 show on Friday, March 30th at 7:30pm.

So! If you are in Northampton, MA at the end of the month, feel free to pick up a ticket to the con ($6 will get you a Friday pass, $8 a Saturday pass, $6 a Sunday pass or you can attend all three days for a bargain price of $18) and see the Smithees at Smith.

-Your very excited Promotions Ninja


Oh, yes! Tony'll be there! We'll still get lynched, but it'll be more amusing for all of us to be lynched next to Tony!
That's so awesome!!!!!!!!! A whole new audience to astound, disgust, and dismay! Wish I could be there.
For more amusement, follow the ConBust link above. Go to "info" then "mission." Read the second paragraph. Think about Zombie Lake's swimming scene (either), Roller Blade's nuns-in-a-tub, Guns of El Chupacabra's almost-naked-chick-in-a-cage clip.

I wonder if being beaten to death by bacon-flavored toothpicks is painful.


"I wonder if being beaten to death by bacon-flavored toothpicks is painful."

Depends how salty they are and whether they break the skin.

Looking forward to the Smithees' arrival here!

-Sean K.
Yeah. Glad to hear Dagoski's coming -- you're going to need all the martial artistis you can get to make it out alive. If you don't make it out, at least try to get someone to record the carnage so we can use you as an Alas Poor Yorick next year. Although Acting Appropriately Stupid may be a better category...
I'm hoping for a Deus Ex myself.