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zarth arnonymous

Mega-Meta 4 Category 2 Recap: Oblivious

Is it that time again? Time for the Mega-Metas? Time to recap the winners of the previous five years, and vote vote VOTE? My Smithee Sense is tingling!

No, wait, that's the RSI. The Cerebral RSI.

What it is time to do is continue with the recapping.

Now we have come to The Oblivious Award. The award goes to those characters who fail to see the blindingly obvious or to make the most basic of deductions.

Your nominees are:

S 16: Vampire Raiders: Ninja Queen (1988) (Smithee Link Here)
S17: Jive Turkey (1974) (Smithee Link Here)
S18: Atomic Rulers of the World (1964) (Smithee Link Here)
S19: Catman in Boxer's Blow (1993) (Smithee Link Here)
S20: Boa vs. Python (2004) (Smithee Link Here)

In Vampire Raiders: Ninja Queen, the Purple Ninja somehow fails to realize that despite years of harsh, often sadistic, martial arts training, he is being stalked ... by a tree.

In Jive Turkey, the cops are on a serious hunt for evidence. They know there must be a secret room at the far end of this wall, so they break out the fire axes and start to knock the wall down ... until one of them suddenly makes his Perception Check: "Hey, here's a door!"

In Atomic Rulers of the World, one of the bad guys is chasing a small boy (the boy is a witness). The boy runs up a bare hilltop, and seemingly vanishes. The thug cannot find him, even though we can clearly see him "hiding" in a lidless barrel which is off standing by itself.

In Catman in Boxer's Blow, Catman & Gus are keeping an eye on their contact while she is meeting with a representative from the Holy Cheever Church (the bad guys) in a public place. This particular bad guy manages to stab the contact and get away with her "nuclear trigger" before Gus or Catman realizes anything is wrong.

In Boa vs. Python, a sixty-foot giant snake infiltrates an underground rave. Everyone sees it ... except the DJ, who is wrapped up in his tunes and the love of the crowd -- of course they love him, they're yelling and waving their arms.

Just 17 more recaps to go until the hostages are released the first appearance of Mega-Meta 4.


By a tree, huh?
A ninja is a man of missed'tree.
I don't know whether to groan, laugh, or yell "zing!"