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2011 Penguicon Smithee Report

Better late than almost never I say, here is the 2011 Penguicon report. Tada!

First off, Tux Icon YAY! I do love that Tux Smithee icon. Two weeks after we did the Ann Arbor show we headed on out to Troy for Penguicon. This year they had us on Saturday (yay!) with a 9pm start time (ummm...yay?). 9pm plus 4 hours and change run time is really late in the evening but we persevered. I'm not saying that I'm getting too old for being up this late but...yeah. Sunday was rough. But first, a little bit of the con itself.

We sat in on a Fan Expansion of Dominion based on Penguicon which was pretty darned awesome and clever. Then again, The Earl, the Nice Bimbo and I (Your Friendly Dominion Playing Ninja) do love us some Dominion. We may have also gotten a wikid idea from the homemade deck (compiled by the Dominion King himself matt_arnold) and may have started coming up with Smithee related cards. We amuse ourselves quite a lot.

By the way, if you attend Penguicon regularly and you like Dominion, Matt's deck was really fun to play with. I heart the Wil Wheaton card, it wr0cked with it's awesome Weatonness.

We also saw these cards everywhere but had no idea what they were about. I just thought they were kinda cool little souvenirs but...

They were linked to this lady and a little box standing all forlorn off to the side of the room (with a gold exclamation point over it). Sadly, it took us Warcraft veterans more time than I care to admit to realize that the forlorn little box was a little quest drop which asked you to pick up three of the Tux cards. By the time we put two and two together, all the Tux cards had mysteriously disappeared (aint that the way every time? Sigh). We eventually found enough to "turn in" a quest to the wandering question mark lady and got another quest to chain us off into a different direction. Live action WoW. Umm...wow?

We saw the 501st and this time they had a wookie. We let it win.

Do you know who doesn't win? The audience. We had 63 brain touches over all and 45 max voters. The room stayed pretty full for most of the show, dipping down to 20 for Crummiest Ending, but who can blame people for that? Mostly we were able to keep a room of 30-40 people happily amused for most of the time.

We even gave away a movie. Enjoy you lucky Penguicon winner!

The Earl counts in mysterious twilight which might have been more a factor of me not having the flash on. I like to think of it as my artsy period...right around 1:30am.

The winners were announced and we all blearily went back to the hotel room, or in the case of those few sturdy con goers, elsewhere for more convention fun. The Smithee awards were done, the MST3K-a-like people had wound down a wile ago, but nerdcore wrapping was still going strong.

We could tell because they blocked us all right next to each other. Sorry that other folks, we may have gotten a bit loud what with our shoot-em-up diner and mother's mental biosphere contusions. On the other hand...a convention with more than one bad movie event? How cool is that!

Thanks once more for coming to the show (way back at the end of April). It was a lot of fun.

What's Next Is...

-Your Friendly Procrastinating Show Writing Up Ninja