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People on Fire are Funny

Mega-Meta 4 Category 5 Recap: Alas, Poor Yorick

Ah Alas...a category where the characters come to some demise usually for purposes that serve anything but the plot. Often for random, incomprehensible purposes like the Old Woman who is pulled through a TV by an electrical ghost and fried to death. Or maybe Space Marine Number 3 who is impaled by the nose of the space ship which has just crashed into his. You can even count the native who escapes the rampaging tiger by hiding in a pool of quicksand. These Yoricks all happened in Smithees past, but you need not worry about them anymore...their lot in life is settled.

You should, however, contemplate the five Yoricks up for MegaMeta 4:
2007: Vampire Raiders: Ninja Queen (Smithee Link Here)
2008: Dark Descent (Smithee Link Here)
2009: Humanoids from the Deep (1996) (Smithee Link Here)
2010: Future Force (Smithee Link Here)
2011: Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century (Smithee Link Here)

Do you know what's really hard? Timing the fall of a pig off of a building in order to crush your enemy beneath its porcine pudginess. If only the Purple Ninjas were slower or that random pedestrian wasn't quite so quick. Pig lobbing does not appear to be in the skill set for the Vampire Raiders: Ninja Queen ninjas.

Do you know what's vastly cool? The doors of the underwater mining station in Dark Descent iris closed to seal off parts of the station in case of a hull breach. This is perhaps less cool for the random tech who is standing on the dry side of one of these doors until the iris closes small enough to make it the death-by-water-pressure-spike side of the door.

Do you know what's kinda odd? Roger Corman used the same footage for two different movies about the same thing and yet Humanoids from the Deep (1996 version) did the "boat blowing up thing" better the second time. I guess when your fish creature causes a massive gasoline leak that is then set off by a falling cigarette there is nothing more to be said but...alas (and possibly KABOOM!!).

Do you know what's utterly humiliating? Being pummeled to death by a flying remote controlled armored fist which has but two control buttons. I guess the only settings you really need in Future Force is "hit" and "hit harder".

Do you know what's rather gross? Pissing off a giant Canadian yeti enough so that it ceases being polite and crushes your goonish head between its giant yeti toes. I suspect they do not make bath brushes big enough to scrub the feet of the Yeti: giant of the 20th Century.

And there you have them, now go ponder.


You need to fix the years. The 2007 ceremony wasn't that remarkable for pointless deaths!
Picky Picky. :P