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Count von Count Down for the Count

You Origins Smitheeites know the Count as one of the three people who sit up front and determine the winners from the sea of ballots handed in (he's the one who isn't the Earl or the Sultan). Ann Arbor Smitheeites might actually know the Count as his alter persona, Paul Enns, since he takes the local opportunity to watch the show and vote. I might also add that The Count never folds, spindles, mutilates, or otherwise defaces his ballots and he always uses the full sheet and writes in large legible numbers.

Last week The Count had an unfortunate tangle with a truck and wound up in the hospital. He's OK, or as OK as one can be having been the unwilling dance partner for something 20 times his mass, but he probably still has a surgery or two left to fix up all the broken parts. If you could, send some well wishes thoughts his way. Or if you feel inspired, the hospital has a free card delivery service here which is pretty cool. (If you do feel like sending a card, have it sent to Paul Enns).

Recover fast and well, Count.
-JQ for the Smithee Crew