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Ninja Grass

Off And Away!

Only moments ago plus a stop off at Starbucks, I shipped out the miniSmithee box (not to be confused with the box that goes to the Mini-Smithees) to Massachusetts. One week and counting, folks, and we will follow said box out for the first ever Smithees at Smith presentation. Hopefully we have better travel arrangements and less tape.

The box contains more or less 3500 ballot sheets (enough for 184 attendees), a very roughly estimated 70 pens, 60 buttons, 7 atomic fireballs and more bacon mints than should be allowed to exist. Which could, by that definition, be only one mint. If the box rips a hole in the fabric of space/time and disappears forever, I shall not be surprised. We may have pushed the limits of things that are allowed to coexist together without breaking the universe.

On a strange side note, the number of ballots that went out (3 inches of 8x11.5 paper) is enough to cover the A2 show. They looked so small huddled up at the bottom of the box (no doubt sensing the immanent addition of bacon mints), I can't believe that would be all that we needed for A2. You know...if we bothered to count out exactly 19 sheets of paper for everyone and nobody doodled, spindled, mutilated or whatnot their ballot kit.


Have a safe and happy trip!
Btw, my last name is Smith. In retrospect, I kinda wish I had gone to Smith for college, but I am the kind who can't be too far from my home (wherever home happens to be at the time), so I was stuck in the state of Michigan.

Happy trails Smithees!!!! :)
3w3 r0xx0r

...I think that's how you say that in 1337


The box has arrived! I was worried that bomb-sniffing dogs might rip it open to get at the "bacon".

I haven't opened it yet, so I don't know if the paper survived its encounter with the mints. I suppose that, until I do open it, the paper will be both dead and alive...

-Sean K.

PS: Since we're talking about the Smithees, maybe that should be both undead and alive.
Hee! Shroedinger's ballots! Shroedinger's BACON ballots, for I made sure to place the bacon mints squarely between the ballots and the pens. I wonder if the pens will be bacon sented as well? I did not take the mints out of their plastic wrapping, however, but I figured that if I could smell them through the plastic, then they'd be able to work their wonders and I wouldn't have to touch them.

We're still debating the merit of sending you anoter batch of pins (specialized Smitee Smith pins) or checking them with luggage. You'll know by Thursday I suspect.