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iron chef smithee

Candy Corn is neither candy nor corn.

Mega-Meta shows in Ann Arbor tend to be slightly smaller than regular shows. More intimate. Which means Iron Chef Smithee buys fewer snacks, makes fewer snacks, eats fewer-- Let's not get carried away.

Take this as an opportunity to provide guidance. Which of these "yummy" snacks would you be more likely to eat?

Poll #1784608 Mega-Meta Snack Poll Dance

Which of these am I not going to take home uneaten?

Gummy Skulls with Gooshy Stuff
Gummy Chicken Feet
Gummy Candy Corn
Atypical (pink? blackberry?) Candy Corn
This other thing, which I am dying to tell you about in the comments

Also of note: Iron Chef Smithee's Jones Soda stash is nearly depleted. The Ann Arbor iteration of Mega-Mega 4 will be the final appearance of the fabled Jones Holiday Sodas of yore.

If you don't have an LJ account, please put your vote in the comments below.


"not take any home"? That's be bacon bars. Least amount of candy mentioned above that you will have to trek home? I guess the gummy candy corn.