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Do Not Want (new can)

Mega-Meta 19 Category Recap: Worst Picture

Like the thick, tarry residue at the bottom of an unattended pot of coffee, this is what it all boils down to. With Worst Picture, we paint the screen with the concentrated, coagulated essence of Bad Movie - something which showcases why this particular film will forever be enshrined in the tattered remains of what we laughingly call our souls.

Your choices are:
2007: Catman in Lethal Track (Smithee link)
2008: Metallica (Smithee link)
2009: Troll 2 (Smithee link)
2010: Catman in Boxer's Blow (Smitheelink)
2011: Undefeatable (Smithee link)

Catman in Lethal Track
The Evil Reverend Cheever - leader of the Holy Cheever Church - is preaching the anti-gospel to his flock, working them into a frenzy of bloodlust. As they prepare to sacrifice an insufficiently loyal cultist they are interrupted by the timely arrival of Catman and his sidekick, Gus. Can our two heroes save the day?

The eccentric adventurer / scientist Norman is at work in a junkyard, reconstructing Tilk - his robotic assistant. When Tilk comes back on-line, he curses Norman for his interference: can't a pair of lovesick robots commit suicide in peace? And can Norman rescue Tilk's beloved Tilly before she is recycled?

Troll 2
The goblins of the little town of Nilbog can only eat plant matter, but that's ok! They've got a magical substance which will transform anyone who eats it into a plant, so that the goblins can then eat them. Only young Johnathan knows the danger his family is in! Can the ghost of Grandpa Seth help him save his family?

Catman in Boxer's Blow
Gus and Catman have been captured by the cultists of the Holy Cheever Church. They banter back and forth, reminiscing about good meals and keeping their spirits up as they await execution by firing squad. As the leader of the cult steps back and takes aim, one question remains: how will our heroes escape certain doom?

Martial-arts murderer Stingray has wounded our heroine Kristi, and has tracked her down to the hospital. He sneaks in through the laundry, disguising himself as a doctor, but is confronted by Detective Nick DiMarco. The two face off in a martial arts battle royale. Can Nick and the wounded Kristi win against an opponent who has thus far proved undefeatable?

And will we ever be able to scrub these memories from our minds?