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UCon08 Voted

Head Start on Smithee 21!

HeyHO Smitheeites. If you're feeling the need to get your Smithee on early, we've got you covered. This Saturday we're at UCon presenting the Smithee Primaries.

Smithee Primaries @Ucon 2011
**New Location: Metropolitan Hotel, Romulus Michigan**
(don't go to the Union because we're rocking it in Romulus this year)
7pm to Midnight; Saturday November 12th
Event: EV-SA19-01; Room: Theater
(keen program PDF. Check out page 6 for maps)

An Obligatory Warning: The Mini-Smithees is a show of clips that the A2 Smith-ka-teers will consider for the official 2012 Smithee 21. There can be more than 5 clips per category, there are sometimes less. On occasion we bump movies for another Smithee year (see: watching 9 giant snake movies in 12 months) or our clips are overall weak in a category (true fact: in 2006 all the Worst Science nominees were The Sultan's movies since ours were...not as good). Thus the winning clip at UCon might not show up in the regular Smithee show but odds are good it will.

That said, hope to see you all there for a category or two; the whole show if you've got the B-movie fortitude.

-UCon Smithee Ninja JQ