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Peep Sushi

Woah...a whole month gone?

Yeah...that's probably my fault. I'm currently not writing up one of the two swords and sandals movies we saw because I can't remember which was what. One had a midget, one had swimmy greeks in tighty whities. Or maybe that was the same film. Anyway, since I'm not really looking forward to rewatching either film, here's a seasonal poll:

Poll #1802746 My Mostest Favoritest Smithee Holiday Film

Vote for your favoritest Holiday Flick

Other Film which I will detail in the comments

(OK, some of these are a stretch but as it turns out, we haven't done many holiday movies. We need to change that!)


I thought we had done a sketchy children's flick but I haven't remembered the title to put in the poll. Still, there may be another sketchy children's movie which is horribly awesome. "Oh woe is me, who will set poor Santa free?"