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Furious Ballot Counting

Coming Soon!

Smithee 21 has emerged from its cocoon, taken its first sip of tequila, and is ready to spread its butterfly wings, causing devastation half-way around the world.

Because Origins (traditionally the final show of the Smithee season) is so early this year, the Smithee season is shorter than ever, so it is imperative to set phasers on stun clear the space on your calendar now!

Fit The First: March 30, 2012. Smith College's ConBust, conveniently located in scenic Northampton, Massachusetts. 7 PM. Seelye Hall.

Fit The Second: April 14, 2012. The Ann Arbor Show. 1800 Chemistry Building, U of M Campus. 7 PM. Conveniently located in scenic Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Fit The Third: Penguicon. Penguicon this year is conveniently located in scenic Dearborn, Michigan between April 27 and April 29. More information (such as actual date of show) will be announced when it is available.

Fit The Fourth: Origins Game Fair, conveniently located in scenic Columbus, Ohio between May 30 and June 3. Smithee nights will be on Friday (June 1) and Saturday (June 2), but information as to which night will feature the final appearance of Smithee 21 and which night will feature the final appearance of Mega-Meta 4 is also forthcoming.