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6 More Weeks Bad Movies

The Icon Might Actually be True

So! Our first show of Smithee 21 went pretty well (Shout-out to the awesome Smithies at Smith for letting us inflict our badmovie mayhem on y'all once again. ConBust wr0cks!) and I'll eventually have pics and stories and whatnot posted but that's for a later time (and I have a new icon I want to roll out for the post because it amuses me except I need to find and upload it first so there is that problem).

Today I want to talk about 6 more weeks of bad movies (actually 8, I just looked it up. Close enough). I was talking with Iron Chef Smithee about snack shopping and he said that he was going Thursday, Saturday and Thursday. My boggled self said "This Thursday?" and then I did the math.

HOLY 9 DAYS LEFT BATMAN! The Ann Arbor show is less than a week and a half away! I'd have panicked if I didn't have most of my prep work done. Wait a minute, I just remembered I don't have ballot packs yet. OK! Commence panicking.

Come join us for movies, prizes, food and possibly ballot packs next Saturday, April 14th in 1800 Chem. We'll be there 7pm to 11:30ish-plus.

-Your almost prepared ballot pack stuffing ninja