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Smithees@Smith 2012

We had our first Smithee show of 2012 and we survived! Huzzah! We also had some other adventures which you can find after the clicky.

[Note: I got the icon done yet failed to process the pics from the con. SO for a while this will be a picless write-up until I talk to my camera again.]

Last fall, we had us a thought to zoom out to Massachusetts a day earlier and arrive on a Thursday instead of Friday so we did just that. This, along with moving the snacks to the back tables in A2, was one of those Significant Improvement Events of the Smithee Awards. Not only did we get to hang with SWNiN and crowd but! For the first time since we were invited to ConBust 5 years ago (5 years!) badmovie (and I) got to go shopping for supplies to fill Snack Table Jr.

Iron Chef Smithee takes his job seriously and has a whole Smithee Food Gathering Gestalt so it was pretty fun to have time for Snack Table Jr. shopping. Not that SWNiN isn't an excellent Smithee Sous chef, because he is, but you haven't lived until you've gone to Captain Candy.

[Were I more together, I'd have a picture of Space Dog Laika and her grand Smithee @ Smith adventure here, which shows her at Captain Candy. Does anyone else say that with reverb in their head? CAP-TAIN!!!! CAN-DY!!!!!!!!!]

We also went to Dave's Soda and Petfood [I have a picture for this too] where we discovered less soda than we had hoped but more weirdness than we expected. Did you know that they are splicing jellyfish genes into fish to get day glow tetras? I found a whole tank of these shocking electric neon colored fish for sale. Is that crazy or what? Of course we didn't go back to see if the same people who thought splicing jellyfish color into ordinary aquarium fish was a good idea had maybe also accidentally spliced homicidal or sociopathic into the fish genes as well. I guess we'll never know about the killer fish revolution until it's too late (and the fish are subtle about it-Don't pretend that I'm not looking at YOU, Mega Piranha).

All in all, I think We Three Kings of Bad Snackfood Enabling did really well in acquiring oddness yet not overbuying. Much. We had some Haggis chips (not so great) and some Voodoo chips (really tasty), ketchup flavored ghost crisps (weirdly satisfactory), Sweet-Tart jellybeans (odd yet tasty) and chocolate covered jelly beans (unnecessary in their beaniness and chocolateness). We also brought leftover bacon candy canes from A2MM4 which were strangely popular. I have no idea why some things are a hit and others aren't.

Iron Chef Smithee would like to report that spray cheese isn't as awesome on marshmallow duckies as he thought it might be. I think there might have been a small break from reality right around intermission which pushed him over the edge of food sanity.

As far as the actual show, we hit 88 brain touches which is 8 more brains than I had shipped ballot packs out for. KRAZY! That's 19 more brain touches than our previous high. We also hit a record voting peak with 47, yet sadly we did not also break our record low vote total. We thought we might have when the first category came in with only 22 votes (had Smith had enough of bad movies? Is that possible? It could certainly be probable) but as the night wore on we got more and more people wandering in and staying. We also had two people bring in their fluffy little dogs and stay through the last 3 or 4 categories. The categories which have a lot of Birdemicness and therefore a lot of "KREE KREE KREE" of Birdemic birds. Did you know that the Birdemic bird sound effects sound a lot like a squeaky toy to a pair of small fluffy dogs? They went NUTS during the Worst Picture clip scouring the floor for the toys. "OMG! OMG! OMG! That's the BEST sounding squeaky EVER! Where is it? WHERE IS IT? WHERE IS IIIIIIIIIT!!!!"

Thanks again Smithies for inviting us out to share our bad movie passion with you all. We had a blast and hope you were at least amused. Also? Sorry about the Haggis chips.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Picture Lazy Ninja


Bruce bought some Haggis chips from Scotland, and they were actually pretty damn tasty. Though the haggis itself was meh.