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Furious Ballot Counting

Furious Ballot Counting or How to Keep The Earl Happily Occupied in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1. Block off some time this Saturday for going to the Smithee Awards.
Step 2. Go to the awards. You don't have to go to the whole show, in fact you can show up any time between 7pm and 11:00ish and catch some, most or just one category of the show.
Step 3. Write a number on a sheet of paper you will be given. Ideally the number will correspond to the clip you thought should have the most votes for whatever category you are voting in but it could also be your favorite number. We don't judge.
Step 4: Hand the paper to a conveniently located ballot collector.

That's it, that's all you gotta do. You could also partake of the myriad of snacks and drinks and you could also win this year's Stupid Looking Monster puppet, some buttons or a hand selected movie if you like. But you do have to decide to follow through with step 1 first. Here's hoping to see the lot of you this Saturday:

1800 Chem Building, 7pm to 11:30ish

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Ballot collecting Ninja