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Wirefu Ninja

T-Plus One Day: The Smithees at Smith

HaHA! The MegaMeta3 at ConBust is done (and we remain unlynched, huzzah!) We had 33 active voters and several inactive voters for an estimated total Smithee incubation group of 40 people. Hopefully the Smithees will spawn multiple vectors of infection and we will spread unstoppable across the land! Muahahahhahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

Then we'll be able to rule the world. Nothing could go wrong!

Oh. Right. ConBust.

We had an awesome location smack dab behind the registration table and across the hall from the dealer room. It was great -- the loud bursts of laughter served to lure unsuspecting Con-goers in to see what was making people so very, very happy. And once you've seen the Smithees, you can never unsee them. Never.

We love ConBust! Unfortunately our time was bumped from 7:30 to 8:00, which did give us some time to set up and go Promotion Ninja-ing (people are remarkably polite about having buttons thrust upon them) but pushed our end time back past midnight. We might have been able to trim it shorter, but we were having way too much fun with the crowd. Six of one I guess, although security wasn't so happy about us lingering on.

Here we are assembling the table of Unhealthy Snacks, a sort of junior version of the Ann Arbor show. You can't see the circus peanuts but they are there. Prominently displayed is Chicken in a Biscuit with, of course, Easy Cheese. Cheddar Flavor if you needed to know and haven't developed the cap color sight recognition talent. badmovie can tell you what the cheese is just by the color, including the new gray color. Oh yes, a new color of Easy Cheese. Look for it at an Ann Arbor showing near you! We also found a pack of gray M&Ms and added them to the line up. Gray? Why? We thought that they might be the M&Ms that stood between the darkness and the light. Maybe they did - they were satrategically placed between the cherry and cola twizlers and the gallon of blue and some Dr. Bob cola ("Open wide and say AHHHHH!"). But the sweet potato chips were pretty darn tasty.

We started at 8ish and ran with just a few fits from the equipment for a fairly smooth show. The audience -

Hi Audience!

- enjoyed the show and the snacks but was visibly scarred by some of the clips. I'm talking to YOU Soul Vengeance. I love watching the audience's reaction to that. The precise moment when wary confusion is replaced by jaw-dropping horror is a thing of beauty, kittens. A thing of beauty.

We had one woman cover her partner's eyes halfway through the clip which was delightfully funny. I don't know if that's too little too late or if her partner will be less scarred than the rest of us. Past a certain point, it might be more damaging to have nothing but the soundtrack and your imagination.

Are these the faces of a traumatized audience? Yes? No? Discuss! And bear in mind that the audience reaction really did swing from horror or anticipated horror (Oh god, no... they wouldn't... they can't... GAH!!!) to hysterical laughter (That's the stupidest thing I've ever seen/heard/had tattooed onto my brain!).

I hope Smith College enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed presenting at Smith. And also, to whoever wound up with the Twizzler Easter candy, you have my profound apologies. Unless you were the one fella who fell in love with them, then...ummm...congratulations?

Love and kisses,
Your Smithee Promotions Crew


Speaking of things you can't un-see, the Michigan theater just screened El Topo. *has a Smithee flashback*
Scott and I finished watching our borrowed DVDs of the Mega Metas last night, so we were with you in spirit.

I e-mailed our votes to badmovie.
Got 'em! They are the first of what I hope to be several supplemental Ann Arbor votes.
I had a dream last night that I was at the Smithee Awards. I was sitting near the front though, which I don't normally do. So maybe this a sign that I should in the front row at next month's event....!!

Glad you made it back safely!!

Patti :)
Oh, no. We're still in Northampton, Mass. Which gives Ann Arbor a run for its granola. And I say that lovingly. But we're back in spirit. Or something.
Well, travel safely on your way back to granolariffic Ann Arbor! See you in person in a few weeks :)

You were one of the best things at the Con! Hope to see your show, (and you) again.

Lynn Flewelling
*blush* Awwwwww, thanks! *blush*

Although I have to say, we very seldom hear "one of the best" in conjunction with Smithee Awards. :)


Those pull-apart twizzlers? They're in my office now... at least one student has commented that they're horribly bizarre/frightening, and also horribly addictive/fascinating. (Much like the Smithees themselves, I must say.)