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Bob Blob

Ambassador Blob Says:

I am an SLM, which stands for Stupidest Looking Monster. I represent the monsters in B movies which fail to fulfill their effective monster quotient (EMQ) by being silly, stupid, cheap or otherwise un-monster like. Several times a year we get to shine just once when we compete for the award of Stupidest Looking Monster at the Smithee awards. It's the high point of an otherwise dismal career so please come to the Ann Arbor Smithee awards and support your local Stupid Looking Monster. The Mutated Prof. Alberto Levin, The Reoccurring Baron Vitelius d'Estera, The Invisible Alien 3000, The Ginger-owl-cat clock Viras and the Glowing Jellybaby Martian from Star Crystal thank you for your patronage.

Ann Arbor Smithee 21
Saturday, April 14th
7pm - 11:30ish
1800 Chem (930 North University, Ann Arbor)

-Your friendly Neighborhood Ninja Individually known as Jeannette