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Oooo, my favorite promotional run of the season...

because I just adore the Tux icon. He's so cuuuuuuute!

Anyway, next weekend is Penguicon (starting Friday, April 27th @2pm and running through Sunday, April 29th and the closing ceremonies @3pm) and we're doing a show! I looked at the schedule yesterday and we are still on for Saturday @7pm @6pm but we had been moved to the Rolls Royce Theater (swank!). I think I'm getting the hang of the theater rooms; Steamer was Theater 70 and Rolls Royce is Theater 100...maybe that's how many people the hold? Or maybe the hotel room is 100. Anyway, for now look for us in the Rolls Royce Theater but also check the schedule. There is still a bit of moving around happening.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Tux Lovin Ninja