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To the 21st!

Ann Arbor Smithee 21 Write-up

Smithee 21 show 2 is done and gone! On Saturday, April 14th, the Smithees stormed 1800 Chem and transformed it into a B movie haven for short bursts of B-movieness and longer bursts of B-snackage. The B in the latter being a shortened form of Bad...which I guess could work for the former too. Traditionally though, I believe the "B" in B-movies has its roots more in the A-List / B-List concept rather than the B is for Bad (and it's good enough for me) concept.

As usual, when we arrived there was chemistry going on and that makes more than some sense considering we were IN the Chemistry building. Still, I get nervous when maths and drawings gang up so as soon as the last panicked Chem straggler left (exams started the following week), our puppet wrangler/costume designer and chalk board maven Dort erased all traces of chemistry from the board and did it up proper. There shall be no maths at the Smithees! (Theologians, yes. Maths? Not so much).

You can't actually erase all the Chemistry though because the side walls each have a periodic table which has its own lighting control. Yes, I do believe you can have the entire auditorium in the dark save the accent lights for the wall tables. I found out that they act as as a point of conversation as well when I eavesdropped on a group of fellas trying to name the elements. They were stuck on "V" (Vanadium...I spent way too much time in my college days learning this stuff. Also, why weren't they stuck on something more esoteric like "W" or "Sb"?).

Also as usual there was a bevy of early birds who took orders well offered to help us unload the snacks onto the snack tables. Joining us this year were, from the Earl and my points of view, the In-Laws. The Guru and Dort's parents drove down from teh frozen north (without pasties because we told them pasties were too good for the snack table. They did stop by a bad food snack shop and pick up a bag or two of odd items though. It's a Northern Hospitality thing and we all know what you don't do to hospitality) and The Nice Ballot Bimbo's parents came up from the Bread Basket of the Midwest and brought the Nice Ballot Bimbo's Baby Sister and her new(ish) beau. We put everyone to work and soon the tables were laden with the regular culprits as well as some new snacks.

The Earl, as his Iron Chef Smithee alter persona, cooked up some experimental bacon bars using candy corn (I thought it was a bit sweet) and I whipped up a Pepsi challenge cake using a recipe I found for Coke-a-cola cake. I made one side with Pepsi and one side with coke and didn't tell anyone which was what because rebooting is all the rage these days. For those of you who partook, the left or lighter side was the coke side so now you know. Apparently little monster cupcakes also appeared (by the time I found out, all that was left was a sad, empty cupcake holder) as well as some bacon dip, which I found by mistake in the dark trying to clear out the dead wrappers. I love it when snacks not of our origination appear. Who goes to a show and thinks "I'm going to go see clips of bad movies so I think I'll bring a bag of Jaffa Cakes and wine gums to share"? I crack up every time I go back and a new snack has snuck all ninja like onto the tables.

Stalker Ty magically appeared at the Ann Arbor show and we held our breath when our Cyber Stalker StalkerPatti arrived because we may have come up with a mutual annihilation (with much collateral damage) theory about those two being in the same room at the same time. Fortunately the time-space continuum remained intact and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. I'd like to also report that we are 98% certain that Ty is not a werethylacine because he sat through all the Narcosys clips and didn't grow fangs or eat any of the Smitheeites sitting next to him. That might have had us worried as well.

The show started University prompt at 7:10 and we rolled through until the bitter end (or the bitter Worst Pic as the categories go) at 11:30ish. 218 brains were touched with a max voting high of 200 which was pretty good considering we were showing in an off weekend and there was a silly us versus us football game going on. Personally I'd rather see Birdemic in its entirety than go see the Michigan players play their own selves.

No wait. I'd rather see Mega Piranha in its entirety than go see the Michigan players play their own selves.

We did giveaways and had winners

Winner 1 holds his giant bug trepidatiously.

Winner 2 is thrilled to pieces to get a bag o' buttons.

Winner 3 is not so sure about Fire Serpent.

Winner 4's giant bug SLM is not afraid to go for the throat.

Winner 5 who WE DON'T KNOW AT ALL holds her bag o' buttons.

It's not that Winner 6 has a new copy of Dracula 3000 which puts a smile on his face, it's that this is his third win of Smithee swag. Lucky fellow!

And all in all, A2S21 was a happy success!

-Your Very Tired Ballot Ninja




If you got Fire Serpent or Dracula 3000, are you really a "winner"?

Re: Winners?

For certain values of "Winners" I suppose...?

Re: Winners?

Absolutely. You didn't get Narcosys, did you?