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Ninja Grass

Smithee Press!

Hey all you local A2 Smithee fans, both the Current and the Observer April issues have come out and we've got blurbs in each! Huzzah! If you look at or about the third(ish) page of the Observer, we have a nice column write up on the right side of the page. Abundant Smithee thanks to Mr. Barr for making us look so awesome!

And if you happen to have a current Current in hand, turn to page 85 where we have an amazing write up by David Erik Nelson. I am in awe at how thorough yet fun his blurb was, especially since he had to decipher it from two e-mail's worth of blabbering I sent him. Y'all know that I can blabber with the best of them. Feel for David!

Thank you both for the nice things you said about us.





...dammit, neither one available online. And it's a five hour drive from Chicago to get a hard copy. Grr...