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Garbage In Smithees Out

T-minus One Week and Counting

Unlike space missions, there usually isn't an abort button for Origins so as of today it is exactly one week until most of us will be in some state of leaving, having left or going to leave for the sprawling city of Columbus. If you've never gone beyond the conference center, you might want to take an hour or two from the con and pop over to North Market (practically across the street from the games yo! Also? JENI'S ICE CREAM!!!) or maybe hit Schmidts Sausage House and Restaurant (!) on your way in or out and get a cream puff the size of your head. Either way, Columbus is fun to explore.

However, in one week, two days, 10 hours and 20 minutes we'd like it if you came back from wherever it is that you went and hang with us at the Smithee for MegaMeta4. Pleeeeease? We don't want to have to watch the ending to Exterminator City all by ourselves.

Come to think on it, Christmas Evil aint no walk in the park either. Nor is Creepers, Invincible Barbarian or Grave of the Vampire (Arooooooowwwaaaooouuuuu). You can see where we might be feeling the hint of dread here.

-Your Friendly Yet Trepidatious Origins Bound Ninja


I'll be there!
None of those is the clip I'm dreading most.
And which would that be?
Ask me after the show; I don't want to influence the voting. Or scare people away.
I know what he's talking about. It scares me, too. And I won't tell you, either. It's Right Behind You.
So, that would be the Nemesis 4 Let's Up clip, if you hadn't guessed.