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Garbage In Smithees Out

The Mid(ish) April Smithee Update

After a week of schnurdging around, the Smithee Supreme Committee finally got the show clips for Smithee 16 decided and set in virtual stone Saturday. On Sunday, The Guru and Earl set them in electronic stone. Hear ye, Hear ye! The edit and assembly of Smithee 16 is done, huzzah! Now all that needs to be accomplished is balancing the sound levels, creating inter titles, and squishing the whole kit and caboodle onto a disc and we will have a show!

As an interesting technical note, for those of you who like to know these odd little bits of inner workings lore, the show order of the clips is determined by the itty bitty fractional second leftovers at the end of a clip. So, if one clip is 2 minutes 15 and 0.067** seconds long and another is 1 minute and 0.1 seconds long, the 2 minute clip will be slotted ahead of the 1 minute clip (0.067 being smaller than 0.1). This year we had a Smithee first: Two clips in the same category came out the exact same length, even down to the fractional leftover. What are the odds of that happening?

I guess we also got to make up official Smithee Standard Operating Procedure as well: In this specific instance, show order was determined by a flip of a coin.

**(The clips are timed in frames rather than seconds since film is a frame based entity but seconds were much easier to work with. The actual numbers I pulled out of a convenient orifice)

(Your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions Ninja)