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Smithee Logo spot

He will ride to victory on his Death Machine

Sad news for today: Sources confirm that Richard Lynch passed away on Tuesday. If you hop over to iMDB you can see his career was peppered with all sorts of interesting roles. He was in everything from The Streets of San Fransisco to Baywatch; It was like he had an acting punch card and he needed to fill in all the series. Murder She Wrote? Check. Airwolf? Check. Starsky and Hutch? Check. Matt Houston, A-Team, Battlestar Galacta, ST:TNG...man the list is really impressive. He even has shown up in several Smithee movies including The Barbarians, Deathsport, Scanner Cop, Cyborg 3: The Recycler and...HEY! We haven't done Trancers 2 yet? Sounds like I'm going to have to hunt up a movie to watch in tribute (although if Alligator II: The Mutation landed in my lap I wouldn't say no to watching that).

Godspeed Mr. Lynch.

(-Your Melancholy Neighborhood Ninja JQ)


The only Trancers we've actually done are 4 and 6. But I know we've watched more than that. I distinctly remember watching at least the first Trancers with Mr. Smithee back in the first couple years, but it wasn't really bad enough to beat the competition.

Yeah, looking at my notes, I have both Trancers and Trancers II in my list of potential films for 1993. and both of those again plus Trancers III in 1994, and none of them made it either time.

Twenty years later, my memories of them are pretty vague, but I guess they just weren't that bad. I do remember them as being entertaining, though. They may not have quite been Smithee-worthy, but I wouldn't unrecommend them.
I suppose I shoulda checked on the back end for "movies watched but not Smitheeable". Buuuut I was lazy and didn't feel like logging in to find out. This time, my laziness does not pay off...unless that means Alligator II: The Mutation will have to be my tribute movie. What a shame.

(Is it just me or do other people get a gleeful thrill when they contemplate crazy (preferably giant) animals gone rampaging movies? I think all my giant snake watching has warped my movie reality.)