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Wirefu Ninja

T-minus 195.5 Hours and Counting

Yes indeedy do, Smithees 16 is fast approaching. You have one week and one day to find an 1800 Chem building near you and hunker down for the badness.

Speaking of which! Ze show, she is DONE! (exceptforthesmallittybittyfinishingdetailsbutfocusontheDONE!) The Guru created the inter titles last night and they have been out and back for proofing. I do believe. Anyway, today he plans on dropping them in and tomorrow he will be swinging by the production office to burn the whole show to disc.

Ze giveaway puppets are done! And I mean done done, like I don't have to do any more work at all even for the Origins puppets. Fini! And I love them!!!!

Ze buttons...wellllllll we love ze buttons. Nothing is pressed for the A2 show but I have ninja and quote buttons a plenty cut out. The A2 trashcan buttons have to be reworked from the Smith College design (which I'm sure is simply a matter of pasting A2 over Smith College) but the SLM buttons...ummm...yeah. I guess I'll be designing an SLM this weekend because nobody was nice enough to leave an Orochi clip art pic on the web for me to gank. Hrrmph.

Supplies! I assume Iron Chef Smithee will make his usual Wednesday Before The Show Snack run and the paper and pens are standing by (I do have to go through all the pens and discard the dead ones this weekend). By George, I think we have Show Sign!


Oh yes, that's my back up plan (and a most excellent one it is too) but my front up plan was to have had someone else already with a monster I can yoink and use. Lazy is as Lazy does and all.
I'm actually feeling some regret that I can't attend. I mean, I know that I'll get a chance to see the show on a small screen at some point, but I keep wondering how much I'm missing out on the Smithee Experience by never having been to a show. (I'm intrigued by the snacks of wrongness. Not sufficiently so to seek them out, just enough to be curious.)
How in luck you are! I have in my possession at home, the miniSmithee box which came back with gummi fried eggs, bacon mints and cherry and cola twizzlers! I can drop some of those off when we drop off the show if you like *g*!
Can't wait!!!!

Patti :)
The Wednesday before? Try the day before. And only because it got too stressful to get up early and do it all on Saturday before the show.

I should probably get the snack-relevant stuff from the SmitheeSmith box. I do plan on pulling everything A2Smithee-relevant from the storage space on Saturday (i.e. tomorrow), so I can do a proper inventory of what I've got and what I need. It would also be a nice time to get Senor Gray Cap from you as well....