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beware of that fucker!

R.I.P. Ernest Borgnine

And another actor, both Smithee and Oscar-y this time, has sadly shuffled off their mortal coil. Someone once asked whether the Smithees had ever given a Worst Acting win to an actor who also had won an Oscar. So I checked the Smithee database and I see that Mr. Borgnine was nominated for Worst Acting in 2000 (Laser Mission - 1990) but he lost out to Pamela Sutch of Rana: Queen of the Amazon fame. In contrast, he beat out James Dean, James Cagney, Frank Sinatra and Spencer Tracy to win the Oscar for Best acting in 1955 (Marty). What a varied career you had and what an iconic figure you cast Earnest Borgnine; you will be missed.

-Your Friendly but Saddened Neighborhood Ninja JQ