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anonymous kph

26 movies in 52 weeks, part three, iteration seventeen

You: vote from Saturday (ish) to Saturday (ish) on which movie I will watch next.
I: break ties in an (apparently) arbitrary fashion.
You: bear in mind that should something go awry with the first choice, I will move on the second choice.
I: tally votes and close the poll.

If you have no livejournal account, feel free to vote anonymously in the comments.

Do note that those are two very different movies entitled The Order ... should you choose to vote for one of them.

Poll #1857043 Poll 17 of 26

Which of these movies is destined to be the seventeenth 26/52 movie of 2012?

[EDIT: And Sean K. breaks the five-way tie! Perdita Durango in first with 2 votes, and Neutron and the Death Robots, Ninja Commandments, Nukie, Out Kold all tie for second with 1 vote apiece. Better luck in two years, ninjer films!]
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I have to go with Perdita Durango. Why? It has Screamin' Jay Hawkins in it. 'Nuff said.

-Sean K.
Aw man, a millionty way tie for first place. I kinda wish I hadn't looked up all the movies because I want to see half of them (and I think I've seen Nightmare in Wax accidentally while looking for V. Price's House of Wax. It aint that movie). Please set aside if you would and they don't win (on the ever growing pile): Any of the Neutrons because a masked Mexican Wrestler detective cracks me up but I especially like the death robots plot summary, The Order (yes), and the Omega Code.