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Beach Blanket Ninja

Silly Stupid Smithee Thing:

I was bored the other day, which is at always an interesting way to start an adventure, so I grabbed my many lots of brightly colored nail polishes and attacked my toes. I started off with red, as one does, and then I discovered I had 2 reds: Dangerously Red and Crimson Red. What's the difference? Not much from what I can tell which got me to thinking that nail polishes, and cosmetics in general, have stupid meaningless names. "Tweet Me"? "Surprise"? "Passionate"? Pffft, if you are going to be nonsensical about it, go for something fun. So I started thinking up Smithee nail polish names.

Godzilla Grey
Khaki Tan
Overkill Orange
Chupa red
Cabra brown
Ninja Black (or gold or pink or purple, we've had all kinds)
Robbed Pig Pink.

Just some of my amusement into your brain. Also? More descriptive names than many of the colors out there.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Rainbow Toe Ninja JQ


I can envision the conversation:

"'Dark Descent'? What sort of color is 'Dark Descent'?"

"Sort of a deep purpley blackish bruise kind of color."

"Then when not call it 'Heinous Bruise'?"

"Because Heinous Bruise doesn't star Dean Cain."