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anonymous kph

26 movies in 52 weeks, part three, iteration the real twenty-two

You: vote from Saturday (ish) to Saturday (ish) on which movie I will watch next.
I: break ties.

If you have no livejournal account, vote anonymously in the comments. I will unscreen your vote. I promise.

Also, I apparently skipped the number "7" ... so this is the true iteration 22.

Poll #1873756 Poll The Real 22 of 26

Which of these movies is destined to be the real twenty-second 26/52 movie of 2012?

[EDIT: Poll is closed! The winner is Star Knight with 3 votes. Runner-up Stripped to Kill has 2. Also-rans Starship Troopers 3: Marauder, Stone, Taste the Blood of Dracula with 1 each.]
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Are you kidding? Klaus Kinski and Harvey Keitel?

Star Knight! Star Knight!!

-Sean K.