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UCon08 Voted

The Cycle Comes Around Once Again...

Yeah yeah yeah...presidential election Schmesidential election, forget all that - I'm talking something more grand. Something big, something awesome, something (in the words of David Bowman) Wonderful. It's...


U-Con is coming up fast...like 15 hours from now the convention starts and the Smithees are, once again, running all the clips the Ann Arbor Smithee contingency have collected in the last year. Just like any primary, some candidates are...not as showy as others. We've seen these clips too many times to remain impartial, we need your help in choosing the best. Come to the con ($25 for the whole weekend; $15 for just Saturday) and drop by at 7pm on Saturday for your chance to vote your favorite clips into the Smithee 2013 show.

And while you're at the con, check out the games and other presentations.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood "Bypassing Europa" U-Con Smithee Ninja JQ