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HOLY FRIJOLES! This blog needs a post, STAT!

It's getting on to Smithee Prep Season for Your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions Ninja and with that comes...A POLL! You may notice that there are only 4 choices this year: That's because I've already decided on one of the two quote buttons:

"I'm a scientist! It's what we do!" (Bats)

So now, wonderful Smitheeites, your job is to pick the second quote. Will it match? Contrast? Make you laugh? Make you want to throw pie in people's faces? Who knows but now's the time to find out. Vote like the wind!

Poll #1896271 2013 Quote Button
This poll is closed.

Vote for your favorite movie quote for Smithee 22's quote button

"I guess vegetarians don't make good cannibals, do they?" (Zombie Honeymoon)
"If there's a killer, there must also be a victim...." (Fury of the Wolfman)
"This is like the dark side of Hee-Haw." (Frankenfish)
"Coffee's up. It's hot. It's fresh. It's ready." (Replikator: Cloned to Kill)

As usual, anyone is free to vote even if you don't have an LJ account. Leave your answer in the comments and I'll tabulate it all manual like. Because we roll old school here.
-Your Friendly Neighborhood Poll Posting Ninja

EDIT: 3-19-13 poll is closed. By pretty overwhelming numbers (11 to 3 [Hee Haw] to 1 [the one which wasn't the coffee quote, that got no love and I can't see the poll when editing]), poor vegetarian cannibals it is! We're making and pressing buttons even as I type!



Dark side of hee haw!


Yeah, the Zombie Honeymoon quotation is really the best one, so it gets my vote.

-Sean K.



"I guess vegetarians don't make good cannibals, do they?"