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everybody loves batratspidercrab

A Story Full of Puppets and Fury. But Mostly Puppets.

This weekend was puppet palooza since we've got to get the mini Smithee box out to Massachusetts before the Smithees at Smith and give away puppets are going along for the ride. We'll have the two Smith bound Mad Scientists done for sure but there are more hours in the evening than the last finishing touches of two mostly complete puppets. I'd like to at least get all of them some hair and cloths. Bald, nude Mad Scientists are a cranky lot.

And while we're talking puppets, a HUGE shout out to Dorothy Quirk who makes these give aways possible. You all don't realize how much work she puts into these. That woman is a bottomless well of crafty knowhow. The usual sequence of puppet events pretty much always goes like this:

ME: Let's do [Mad Scientists] this year! I'm thinking sort of a [Punch and Judy] style thing.
(Expectant pause by overly enthusiastic Promotions Ninja)
Dort: Well...OK. How do you want to do [the heads]?
ME: Uhhhhh...[head like heads? I don't know, maybe bunchy nylon heads like those kitchen witches]
Dort: How about [socks so they are more durable].
Dort: Let me think a bit on how to put these together.
(One day of crafty thinking and an entire mock up puppet later)
Dort: How is this?
ME: Uhhh...wow. That's a millionty times better than I was thinking.

Seriously, that woman does things with a sewing machine that I do not think are physically possible in the normal world. So if you ever find yourself thinking "Man, those give away puppets are pretty awesome." most of what you are admiring is Dorothy's crafty genius.

As a side note, we have SLM giveaway puppets planned out for the next two years and they are AWWWESOMMMME!

Also I was looking at MegaMeta 5 puppets and I'm fairly amused that I've looked up last year's SLM winner about 5 times now and Every! Single! Time! I say "Oh yeah! How can I forget that? I even voted for that monster!" and then not a day later I can't remember what monster I'll have to make for MegaMeta 5. Turns out it's the Cat Clock growing alien tentacle creature from Destroy All Planets. I started thinking up how to make that fella this morning on the way in to work. Maybe now that I'm in designing mode I'll remember what I'm designing. Possibly.

Also also, this year's Stupid Looking Monster nominees amuse the beejeebus out of me. We've already done similar SLM puppets to four of the monsters so there's an 80% chance that the MM5 SLM giveaway will be based on slightly altered patterns that we already have. How easy is that? I'm kind of hoping for one SLM to win because the MM5 puppet will be so ridiculously easy I could make them from start to finish with no creative input from Dort. Streuth! I'm also hoping another SLM wins because it would make the AWESOMEST PUPPET EVER but it'll be quite a bit more work. I'm also rooting for a different SLM as well because the idea I have to make that one cracks me up. The last one we have a pattern for will be OK, although I JUST thought up an amusing element to it, and the final monster we don't have a pattern for I'm hoping doesn't get as much love as one of the others. That one will probably win, now that I have written this but I'll have you know, the other 4 would have been so much more awesome in puppet form. Just sayin.

In reality, all 5 SLM candidates are really goods this year; it's going to be a hard choice. If you need a deciding factor to help you vote, remember one of the five monsters will have to be made entirely from scratch as a give away puppet for MM5. I'm not going to say which one though.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Puppet Making Ninja