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Do Not Want (Old Can)

Aliens at My Website

Well then, seems the main Smithee site is down for the count. The IT peeps are working on it and hopefully SmitheeAwards.com will resurface in all its glory soon but until then, here is our show info in order of appearance:

ConBust Smithees @ Smith
The Con runs March 29 through March 31
Smithees are FRIDAY NIGHT (3/29)
Room 106, Seeley Hall

Ann Arbor Smithee Awards (Smithee 22)
Saturday, April 13th
1800 Chem Building
(930 N. University, Ann Arbor)

Penguicon Smithee Awards
The Con runs April 26-28
The schedule is still being completed, tune in later for more info!

Origins Game Faire Smithee Awards
The Con runs June 12-16
Smithees are FRIDAY Night (6/14)
Room Ballroom TBD (check back for more details)

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Disappearing Main Page Ninja



2012: Ice Age

There are an awful lot of very silly things in "2012: Ice Age", but my favorite Worst Science so far is the people who are literally flash-frozen while standing up because an attacking glacier has made the air temperature much colder than the ice that it's made out of.