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Bring out the Tux!

The Penguicon Mascot, that is. Oh yes, it is that time of year when I get to use one of our cutest icons: The Penguicon Smithees icon. We have our last of the 'Every Other Week Smithees Show' coming up right fast and guess what? PENGUICON HAS ITS SCHEDULE OUT!

So! Come see us at

8pm - 1am
Salon B

Stinkin' Badges!
We will have Smithee badge ribbons so you badge ribbon loving people be sure to stop in for at least a clip or two to claim your badge ribbon. (Not the Mega-Meta obviously since we just had one of those. I just don't have an individual ribbon pic).

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Tux Lovin' Ninja



Is there a cost to go to Penguicon just for this?