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Surprise Face!


Sometimes I have an idea of what I want to post on these promotional spam blurbs, sometimes I look through our icons and an idea related to a specific one pops into my head. Other times, much like today, I pull out the Random Number Generator and run with how the dice fall. Imagine my surprise (FACE!) when 105 (random number) of 109 (number of Smithee icons) generated this. Well OK then, Surprise Face it is.

Guess what's happening in one week?

Guess what time it will start?
8 PM (FACE!)

Guess when the show run to?
Ummm...midnight-thirty? 1 AM? somewhere in there. (...Face? SURPRISE!)

Guess which room we will be in?
Salon B! (fnord)

Did you get all the questions right? 50 Smithee points for you!
-Your friendly neighborhood perpetually lazy promotions ninja