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Shark Puppy, SLM

Shark Puppies Love Penguicon!

Contrary to popular opinion, Shark Puppies and Tux Penguins are not mortal enemies. In fact, both are really fond of Liquid Nitrogen Ice cream, playing Dominion and open source programming. I bet you had no idea shark puppies could use computers much less program in C.

The other thing Shark Puppies love more than even bacon treats are bad movies so we thought we'd show up at Penguicon and put on a show.

Penguicon Smithees
Friday, April 26th
8pm to 1AM-ish. Give or take
Salon B

Drop by, stay for a few clips between learning about Javascript Application Architecture and studying zombies. Or stay for the whole show; after all there is Saturday and Sunday for geeking out over Historical costuming or Introduction to Lightsaber combat.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Penguicon Bound Ninja