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If You Can't Make It This Saturday...

At least you can have free ice cream today. Stop by your local participating Ben & Jerry's and have a scoop on us! Or...errr...them. But anyway, free ice cream! You can't beat that with a sharp stick.



Yep. I went. Tried the Cinnamon Buns flavor. Pretty tasty.

-Sean K.
I...errr...ummm...was one of THOSE people and didn't see the blatantly posted ice cream flavors sign so when I got up to the counter I was woefully unprepared. So I panicked and picked chocolate peanut butter. It was chocolaty and pea-nutty but when I finally did run into the flavors board I saw that they had a new flavor: Cinnamon Bun. I was sad I didn't think to try that.
(-Your Promotions Ninja)