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Furious Ballot Counting

Penguicon HO!

Is it Wednesday already? Holy wah! We're doing a show in (MathsMathsMaths) 58 hours and 16 minutes. I still have buttons to press!

A little heads up to you P-Con Peeps; we're running short handed this year so put your voting brains on before watching the show so the voting goes smoothly and quickly. To your profound sadness, the nice ballot bimbo is not joining us this year so you are stuck with me. Also, our usual ballot counter is AWL (absent with leave) so you've got me again as well. Fortunately, The Guru will be presenting so, to paraphrase the Chinese, we won't be living in interesting times. Just...busy times.

Vote Quickly and Orderly at
this Friday (4/26)
any time between 8 and 1ish
Salon B!

-Your Sometimes Not Excessively Friendly Promotions/Ballot/Counting Ninja


I'm trying and failing to resist the temptation to ask if a volunteer vote counter would get a pass into the Con. I was the Friendly Neighborhood Vote Wrangler of alt.usenet.kooks for three years and I've counted paper ballots for a union contract ratification before. I might qualify.
Heh...*we* don't even get a free pass for presenting! Someone came up with a great Penguicon specific idea though: Tell the audience that we are doing open source ballot collecting!