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Ninja Grass

So I Was Thinking to Myself...

"When will it be legal for the Smithees to drink?" Which meant that I had to figure out when Smithee 21 would be (2012 BTW, also a MegaMeta year. Fitting) Which meant that I had to remember what Smithees we were currently on. And then do math. *shudder* After much thought, because this whole musing took place at before coffee o'clock, I decided that it was Smithee 16 this year and...


This year is the Smithee's sweet 16! How could I have missed that until now? Awwww, our little awards show looks so grown up, don't you think? *sniff*

So! If we haven't spammed it to death already; come join us this Saturday, April 21st at 7pm in 1800 Chem building and help us celebrate our little show's coming of age presentation.


Cool. Can we have a Super Sweet 16 Party with a cake in the shape of a car and maybe rent out the W hotel*? (South Park reference!)
(*Wherever that is....)

Happy Birthday!
No, but we DO have Molly Ringwald!

Actually, we don't. But we do have a movie that stars Molly Ringwald, even though she isn't in any of the clips that made the show.
Sweet sixteen and never been kissed. Except by zombies.