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Smithee Saracen

Perhaps Consider some Pre-Smithee Sorbo Fun Before Your Yearly Inoculation of Bad Movie Madness

Rumor has it, Kevin Sorbo is screening a new film he's a part of (Julia X) right before the Smithees (3:30 to 6pm they say). They also say you can be part of the awesome for just a mere $20, which I would have balked at in my formative years but now-a-days? That's a pretty good price for a movie that isn't yet out. You could be part of history!

And then you can come tell us at The Smithee Awards later that same night how the movie actually was. Do we need to keep an eye out for it for..."review" or is it the most awesome thing ever in the history of ever?

You want to know the best part? The movie screening is IN THE SAME ROOM as the Smithees. You might not have to move at all.

Smithee XXII
Friday, June 14th; 7pm until midnightish
Terrace Ballroom 5
Origins Game Fair

-Your Friendly Neighborhood "Now I want to Dress up as a Ballot Saracen" Ninja JQ