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New Trash Can logo

It's Showtime!

Save the calendars!
Mark your dates!
for the 23rd Annual Smithee Awards!

Not even a polar vortex can stop our B Movie extravaganza! Watch our specially selected film clips on the Elements of Terrible Cinematic Style, including ludicrous premises, stupid looking monsters, terrible special effects and gratuitous violence and nudity, then cast your vote for the very Worst of the Worst. Unhealthy and improbable snacks and beverages will be provided; antacids will not.

The event is free, but may not be suitable for children.

When: April 19, 7 -11 pm
Where: Ann Arbor, Michigan
University of Michigan, 1800 Chem Building
930 N. University Avenue

Or catch us at a convention appearance:
May 2-4
Southfield, Michigan

Origins Game Fair
June 11-15
Columbus, Ohio