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Ninja Duck What??!?

Ninja of Slackery

So yeah. HI! *waves* Been a while, not counting the Earl's "We ought to put something up on the LJ!" post but we're still alive and in perfect hibernation. We also do a lot more posting over at teh Facebooks but that's no excuse for leaving y'all a whole year without LJ goodness.

And now I'm going to make your stop off here really boring because I just poked in to let you folks know that the Ann Arbor Smithee Show is this Saturday, April 19th (7pm to the end - say midnightish in 1800 Chem building). If you live in or near Ann Arbor you woke up this morning to a definite harbinger of the Smithee Awards: Snow! In April! I am curious to see what Saturday brings in terms of weather.

Long Short:
The XXIII Annual Ann Arbor Smithee Awards
Saturday April 19th
7pm until midnightesque
1800 Chem Building
930 N. University Ave (UofM main campus)

...we have snacks. A lot of them are weird Oreo flavors. Streuth.
-Your Slackery Promotions Ninja JQ


Smithees tonight! Whoot!