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ARRRRGH! I almost missed my favorite pormotional run!

How sad would that have been if I never got to use the adorable Smithee Tux icon this year? Very sad, in case you were wondering. Very, very sad.


I suddenly remembered (early this morning, because that's when all the things you should remember actually creep into your mind) that I haven't been doing Promotional Blurbits AND IT'S TUX SEASON!!!


Penguicon Smithees
part of the weirdly awesome Penguicon 2014
Saturday, May 3rd
8pm to around 1:30am
Pottage Auditorium

See you tomorrow!

(P.S. The schedule does indeed only have us running until technically 12:50 but the head of programming is aware of that and has bumped Plan 9 back. Sorry Plan 9)