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iron chef smithee

Smithee snack alert!

Our usual purveyor of Giant Pixy Stix is either temporarily or permanently out of stock. If there are any ideas as to where I might be able to put my hands on 75-100 of them (they come 50 to a box, and we usually run through 1.5 boxes or so) on Friday (alas, I must work tomorrow) -- please let me know.

Otherwise, expect little P.S. knockoffs, but no G.P.S. Without the GPS, I can't find the GPS. And I hate when that happens.

(one year we almost did without the Utz cheese balls, but that's a story for another time)


Nooooooooooooo!!! I will keep my eyes open (well, I usually keep my eyes open, I suppose) for them. I know I saw them somewhere (that's helpful!!) because I told the husband that those were the "Smithee Awards Pixie Sticks" and talked about buying one (which he discouraged, knowing that giving me pure sugar more than once/year is not a good idea).

Another bad/good candy are the little plastic containers of goo...I think they are shaped like pop bottles and you are supposed to bite off the top and "drink" the goo inside. I used to eat Chap Stick as a kid, so I'm sure I ate the plastic containers, as well.
Wax bottles? I think there were some at the show in December. I don't remember where I found then, though.
Yes--wax. I can't believe I said plastic. Sometimes it seems like I smoked a big bunch of crack and then posted on the internet.

Speaking of lips, those big wax lip thingies always freaked me out as a kid.
I will ask Mr. Paul to check the area around him and see if he can snag some GPSs.
Huzzah! The 'rents have procured Giant Pixie Stix! We are saved!

(Mr. Paul will be bringing them to the Smitees)