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Gentelman Balloteer

2015 U-Con Smithee Primary

Hey! We have a BLOG! And would you look at the dust on this thing [blows off cover of blog]. *cough* *cough* It's been a while. I blame teh Facebooks. Or global warming. Or chupacabras. Warm chupacabras that travel the world and melt ice caps. Yeah...that's my line and I'm sticking to it.

Anyway, thought I'd pop in and let y'all know that we are gearing up for Smithee 25 and have a preliminary show in the can. Conveniently, there is a convention this weekend that we can show it at! So if you are in or near the Ann Arbor Area OR you are attending U-Con come by the Auditorium on Saturday at 7pm to midnight (the whole time or portions thereof) and help us hone down our ballot.

Seriously, please send help.

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions Ninja




Is there a charge to get into the convention and from there into the auditorium?

Re: Admission

You do have to buy a badge since we are part of the scheduled convention.
Always blame chupacabras. They know too much.