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Ninja Grass


At least after this weekend you won't have to suffer through me doing things like this:

7:00 PM

every third day. Yes, I am getting in one last spam (spam! spam! spam!) before the show. On the plus side, I'll be pretty mum (about the show times) until right before Origins. Think of this as your last Huzzah(spam) until close to the last week in June.

The Show is tweaked, burned and ready to run; the Smithee Box is primed and ready to go...this year with wheels! Yes, it was time to change up our method of lugging 40+ pounds of Smithee material. It's just how we roll. The equipment awaits a last minute fiddle check and the food is slowly massing at the gates of Iron Chef Smithee's house. We even managed to avert the Giant Pixie Stix crises of ought seven this year with the amazing shopping abilities of my Mumses and Mr. Paul. Huzzah GPS!

Folks, I do believe we have show sign.


If you'all need any help, please don't hesitate to ask the husband (Jeff) or me. I am the dark-haired chick w/ the kind of pumpkin-like head & dimples and he is the very tall (6'6") guy.

See you tomorrow--and best of all, NO SNOWSTORM!!!!!!!
We're not adverse to getting help but we don't really expect the fans to chip in with the dirty work either. Except for eating the food...we would really rather it leave in your tummies than it all come home with us. I don't LIKE circus peanuts!

So the answer is OK, but only if you relaly want to.
Well, I will help set up. I will help tear down. I will help clean up. I will help count votes.

But I will not, under any circumstances whatsoever, eat circus peanuts. Barf.

We're there for ya--grab us if you need us :)
Aw, man! I should have bought some "spam & lamb ding-dongs!"

Oh well. Next year.
Good luck, everyone! Especially those of you in the audience.

Actually, for those of you in the audience, "good luck" would be car trouble that kept you from making it to the show. So, bad luck to you in the audience.

And, remember -- write big and don't fold your ballots!