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Ninja Grass

Deus Ex Trifecta

Sunday, Iron Chef Smithee was perusing the Saturday Ann Arbor paper when he ran across this little blurbit in the B-section:

Smithees honor the worst

Admit it. Isn't it sort of fun when movies are so bad in their earnestness that they're unintentionally hysterical? Shouldn't they receive recognition, too -- a kind of anti-Oscar?

That's the thinking behind the 16th annual Smithee Awards, taking place tonight in the University of Michigan's Chemistry Building, room 1800, at 930 N. University Ave., from 7 p.m. to midnight. Appropriately, admission is free.

Each year, Smith-ka-teers scour loads of B movies and straight-to-video washouts in order to compile a list of nominees. With five finalists in 19 categories of badness -- bad monsters, bad acting, bad special effects, bad dialogue, etc. -- audience members watch clips from each and vote to decide which is the most egregious. Don't expect major releases; the Smithee Awards are specifically geared to recognize little-known gems of badness.

Plus, in keeping with this celebration of bad film, the event will feature bad food and drink. (Its Web site, www.smitheeawards.com, even mentions the inclusion of Vegemite, which I can personally vouch for as being Australian for "disgusting.")

Will any of this make me feel better about the time I was trapped on a plane showing Britney Spears' "Crossroads"? Well, no. But the Smithees sound like a riotously fun evening nonetheless.

Jenn McKee, News staff reporter

Which...YEA! Trifecta achieved! And how appropriate too because this is a Deus Ex Machina if I've ever had the pleasure of being a participant in one. *I* never talked to Ms. McKee, The Guru never talked to Ms. McKee, neither did The Earl or Our Lovely Ballot Bimbo yet there we are on B1. Either Jenn McKee channels Smithee (and for that, I am truly sorry), or she is a long time Smitheeite who took it upon herself to give us a pretty pretty preshow write up. It could also be that the gods themselves came down and made my trifecta happen because I certainly did nothing in the way of promoting to the A2 news. I'm completely asquee!!

Jenn McKee? You are my hero! And also, thank you very much for the press.