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bad day at badmovie

Poll #980592 Everybody loves sequels!

Which Worst Picture winner's sequel do you want us to watch next?

Star Crash 2
Hercules II
Space Ninja 0
Basket Case 3
Rana 2
Ninja Thunderbolt II
Zombie Lake 2
Roller Blade 2
Guns of El Chupacabra II
Why didn't they make a sequel/prequel to (insert other Worst Picture winner here)?
Dear God in Heaven, anything but Basket Case 3

Worth noting: We do not promise to ever watch these movies. We're just curious which you would prefer we watch. Also, most of them have names other than "Worst Picture Winner 2". But do feel free to vote, we are curious. The last option is specifically for brightorange14, but anyone may vote it.


I only posted the ones that have been made. I even own several of them....
Definitely, "Dear God in Heaven, Anything but Basket Case 3".

Star Crash 2 was tempting. Then I read the description on IMDB and it wasn't.
It's one that I will watch at some point, but ... I despair of a writing a better review than one I ran across online a few weeks ago, which began "Most films use the same actors in a sequel, but upgrade to better special effects. Star Crash 2 uses the same special effects, but different actors."
Thanks, though I'm a bit disappointed that three other people voted for my choice before I had the chance.
...when I asked myself "What Would Donald Vote For?" I knew the answer pretty much instantly.
One night, my husband and I watched Basket Case 2 and Head of the Family 2. If you haven't seen Head of the Family, you must. It's a head with a really long tongue and you know, you can't beat that.
This is the kind of review that I like (from an imdb user's review of Head of the Family): "if you value your time in the slightest, you cannot do better than to avoid this movie."