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The Shirts Off Our Back...

Happy June 4th all you Smitheeites, do you know the significance of today's date? Well I'll tell you the significance of today's date. Today's date is exactly one month before we all start to converge on Columbus Ohio for the Origins Gaming Expo. Then, in exactly one month and two days, we are putting on one of two (TWO!) Smithee shows at said con and for the first time in a loooooong time, we're offering up Smithee T-shirts (and other sundry Smithee Stuff) to the masses for purchasing.

Yes, I did just say that we now have Smithee shirts for sale. Because we do. Can you believe it? Right here at the official Smithee store you can buy yourself a stylin Smithee shirt. Of doom. Support your local Smithees, buy a shirt, show up July 6th and/or 7th and express your Smitheeadarity!

But wait! There'll be more. The Guru is feverishly working on getting a couple category stores up and running by Friday so not only can you get some Smithee logo love, but some Smithee ninja wear love and possibly some Skull Cow love as well. I so want a SLM coffee mug!