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More! More! More!

Check it out, the Guru has been busy busy with Smithee stores! Eventually we will have them all linked under one front page (possibly even today) but for now, you can buy:
Smithee Logo wear
SLM wear
Ninja wear

at their individual separate stores. You observant Smitheeites might also notice that there are two links for ninja wear; an old favorite standby as well as this year's ninja. OooooooOOOoooo!

Stay tuned for I hear there is a rumor going around that Let's Up The Rating to 'R' will make an appearance today as well (assuming the Guru is able to conquer his raging headache). *SQUEEE* Smithee-wear!


Errrmmm...woah. It is indeed isn't it? I'm not sure we have absolute plans yet but what we do have I'll shoot over in an e-mail. Mayhap I ought to do a little Smithee getting my sh*t together this weekend and formulate PLANS!
Why oh why does my brain insist upon imagining the official Soul Vengeance product line? World's Worst Thong. Windsock. Chinese "finger" puzzle....