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clash of the pastel beasts

Missives Of El Chupacabra

Got a random, unexpected e-mail last night. It went like this:


I was just popping around the Internet and I found your site and the
award you gave Guns of El Chupacabra.

I just wanted to says, "Thanks." Both the award and your awards site
are very cool.

If you want to see any of my or Donald G. Jackson's (RIP) other
films, just let me know.

All the best,
Scott Shaw

Scott Shaw is this guy, the writer/editor/producer/star (Jack Quick, Space Sheriff) of The Guns of El Chupacabra, which (if you recall) took 4 of the 6 Smithee Awards it was nominated for this past year, including Most Ludicrous Premise and Worst Picture.

And he seems to be a genuinely nice guy.

I asked him if he would send out a copy of the third (and final?) Frogtown movie (Max Hell Goes To Frogtown, aka Frogtown III, aka The Toad Warrior), and I think he will.

Either that, or he's dispatching Samurai Vampire Ninja Death Squads to the Smithee Awards PO Box.